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Massage Factory is an online store for massage equipment (massage table, massage chair, massage oil, massage accessories) and medical equipment

Massage for everyone ! Professional or non professional

Massage Factory can gives professional advice about how to use products, how to make the best choice for a purchase. We know your business , your needs because we are massage therapist and we also opened a  SPA, massage place .

Today, Massage Factory's customers are massage schools, brands like SPA ( Lush or  Be Relax) but also independent massage therapists or people doing massage just for fun and passion.

Healthcare Professional, we have what you need !

Our range of medical table is made in EU (Spain).

Handcrafted with the best materials, upholstery and design we can offer for your satisfaction and your customer comfort. We are shipping direct from factory, no intermediary, in order to offer the best price.

Our range product is :

- Physiotherapist table
- Examination table
- Chiropractic table

- Gynecologist table

No Border

Massage Factory can ship in most countries of Europe. You can have a look to our .eu website and order in EUR to have a product shipped out of UK

Any customer is important for us !

We like to share our know - how.

Our knowledge of your profession makes our customer happy and satisfied.
If you are professional, we will give advice in order for you to develop your business  with the most suitable products.
If you are not professionnal and make massage only between friends or between husband and wife, we will find and lead you to the best proposition according to your budget and needs

We choose carefully our products

We tried to have a wide range of price for tables and chairs without having bad quality products. We see and test products before referencing them on our website. We have close relation with manufacturer.

We offer warranty

Our product have warranty (10 years warranty or lifetime warranty on massage table frame). If you have any problem without your pruchase, we solve the problem.

We have a european presence

We can ship in a lot of countries in Europe. We are cosmopolitan team, we traveled a lot and enjoy to meet different cultures. Massage Factory has a global phylosophy and no border.