How to choose a massage table

Our Guidelines for choosing a massage table will help you to consider different technical aspects of a massage bed in order to purchase the right massage couch for you and your customers.


Depending on your needs, stationary table, electric table or a portable massage table, the frame will have different aspects to take into account.

As soon as, you have a place (spa, resort, beauty centre), stationary massage tables and electric massage beds are suitable. You cannot move stationary table or electric table, therefore a specific room is set up to work in.

If you go at your customer's home, you need a folding massage table made to be easy to carry.

Wooden frame massage table

Wooden frame massage tables are a king of stationary massage couch. The height of the frame can be adjusted manually with knobs on the feet. It is less convenient for a public place (spa, institute) with more than one employee. The height of a massage table needs to be adjusted according to the height of massage therapist, if you have several employee using the same room, they might need to adjust the height of the table not to hurt their back. This king of massage bed is nice for an independant massage therapist working alone.

The frame has most of the time a shelf between the legs, practical to place towels or accessories. You can also find some models with cabinet.

Electric masssage table

Convenient to adjust the height, electric massage bed are used by spa, resort.

The most common frame are X shape or T shape.

Portable massage table

The frame of a portable massage table can be made from wood or aluminium.
Aluminium is used to manufacture light table.
The most common wood are maple, birch or beech.

You can find the technical term "Reiki position" ; it has nothing to do with reiki, we call reiki position a table which has an arrow shaped wood plaque between the legs. Reiki position enables to have the legs under the table when doing feet massage sitting on a stool.


Massage requires a headrest. It enables to have a better breathing, do not make any pressure on sinus, do not squeeze the neck and can be adated to different morphologies.
Be carefull when you adjust the headrest to lean forward the headrest and have a space between the cradlle of the headrest and the mattres of the table to avoid pressure on the throat of customers.

Face hole are for physiotherapit or chiropractor, who need only few minutes their customer to be lying on the belly


The minimum width for a massage table is 76 cm. Customers need to have the arms along the body and comfortably lying on the table. A width too narrow (70 cm) is more for physiotherapist or chriopractor because they need to be close to the patient for manipulation ; their patient do not need to be lying more than 10 - 15 minutes unlike for a massage which need to be lying for 60 minutes.


Massage table needs to have a mattress smooth and comfortable unlike physiotherapist / chiropractor table which needs to be less thick and "harder".

Thickness for a massage table should be on average 7 cm made from multiple layer (2 or 3), each layer having different density ; strong density close to the wood of the table and smooth density close to the body of customers.

A layer of memory foam can have a higher comfort, if the memory foam is a good quality but we will not choose a padding made only with memory foam in order to maintain firmly the body.


PU (polyurethane) is the best upholstery you can find, it is earthfriendly, soft and strong.


Massage does not need tilt top option. This option will be used by beauty salon for manicure.


When your earn money with massage, it is important to have a reliable tool. A warranty is a way to have a manufacturer involved in their products.

Warranty works only on manufacturing flaw, early broken part but does not work for a bad use.

Warranty are not available if you purchase second hand table ; a warranty is a first purchaser contract


Color is a personnal choice ! You need to choose the color of your table according to your graphics and logo. A graphic is made from 3 colors maximum with a dominant color. Do not choose a color which is not a part of you identity.

Creme, white and black are standard, neutral color because can match any other color

Written on 06/12/2014
by Massage Factory