How to choose a massage chair

earthlite massage chairOur Guidelines for choosing a portable massage chair will help you to consider different technical aspects of a chair in order to purchase the right massage chair for you and your customers.

You probably know how much you want to spend. A low cost massage chair will have less specifications comparing to a high quality massage chair which is more comfortable for your customers and easier to use for you.

The chair massage is quick, 15 minutes on average. A lot of the efficiency depends on the quality of your chair and customers expects a lot of their experience.

On a technical aspects, we advice you to consider 4 aspects

I - Adjustments of a Massage Chair

The different adjustments enables you to adapt the massage chair to different morphologies. The seated position, unlike lying on a massage table, is more complicated because not "natural" position to receive a massage. Therefore, the quality of the chair is important to adapt to any customers.


The adjustments of the seat lowers the seat from the chestrest. It is adjustable with "clips". It can be practical if you have a tall customer.


The chestrest can be adjusted lower or higher.
On some high end chair, the angle can also be adjusted.


The adjustment of the armrest should follow the angle or height of the chestrest


A good headrest can have an angle adjustable forward and backward and also the platform of the headrest can be lower or higher.
A hesdrest with only one lever on the right or left is more ergonomic ; you have only one adjustments instead of 2.

II - Frame of a Massage Chair

The materials to manufacture the massage chair are important for the weight and solidity


The Freedom chair from CCW was probably the only wooden massage chair reliable. We will not find that much massage chair made of wood,, probably due to the different adjustments needed on a massage chair.


Aluminimum is one of the leightest material to manufacture a chair or a massage table. an aluminium framed massage chair will be light (eg : VORTEX massage chair of Earhtlite)


Iron or metal is the most popular material. It is strong and not as much as expensive than other material. All low cost massage chair are made of iron or metal.

Carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is light and eco-friendly. The only massage chair made of Carbon fiber is the AVILA massage chair of Earthlite

III - Transport of a Massage Chair

Your massage chair should be easy to carry. You can choose a light weight massage chair or a chair with a wheeled carrycase.

A carrycase with wheel is the best option, you can use the carrycase while massaging to hide your clothes, accessories or the bags and belongings of your customer.

IV - Comfort of a Massage Chair

Chair massage lasts on average 15 minutes therefore you are not allowed to make any mistakes. The comfort of your chair is 50 % of success of your massage.


The thickness of your pads and the quality of the foam are important to check. Foams might containt CFC, make sure that the foam of your chair does not contain any.


Besides having comfortable pads, it is also important to have a nice upholstery. It is a part of your image, choosing the color which suits you the most but some upholstery might also be not easy to wash or bad quality. An upholstery too hard will not be better quality, it will might crack with the movement on the pad. The best material to use for upholstery is PU (Polyurethane), it is earthfriendly and good quality makes it smooth on the skin


Your massage chair should be :

- Ergonomic : easy to use for you
- Comfortable : for your customers
- Transportable : to make it easy to carry whereever you go
- Adjustable : to be able to adjust to any morphologies
- Strong : it should not break if you use it too much

Written on 20/04/2014
by Massage Factory