The Origin and Evolution of Massage Chair

Chair massage is a modern and urban massage inspired by traditional massage and adapted to be received anywhere (malls, airports, events ...).  Mainly made from massage without oil like shiatsu or amma, chair massage is received over clothes on a massage chair.

The first contemporary protocol of seated massage was created in 1982 by David PALMER in the United States. David PALMER set up a series of movements from the japanese massage technique "Amma" using pressure points, percussions, stretching. His vision with a 15 minutes massage was to make massage affordable and accessible by anyone.

1982 / 1986 - Drummer Stool

In the early age of chair massage, customers were sitting on a drummer stool. Drummer stool is easy to carry, the feet can be folded and its height is adjustable but it was not convenient during the massage for customers ; the massage therapist had to hold customer to avoid him to fell when relaxing

A new massage required a new tool ! David PALMER started to think of creating a chair convenient for chair massage.

1986 - The first massage chair : HIGH TOUCH of Living Earth Crafts

first massage chairDavid PALMER got in touch with Serge BOUYSSOU, a french designer and Living Earth Crafts, an american manufacturer of massage table.

The specifications had to be a chair fit to support customer, comfortable and easy to carry.

The idea of " a chair in a box" came up.

In 1986, the first massage chair was born !
The HIGH TOUCH manufactured by Living Earth Crafts, designed by David PALMER and Serge BOUYSSOU.

In 1989, a version of the High Touch in metal frame has been released. Because of lack of stability, it has been discontinued.

1990 - The Desktop

As an alternativ to massage chair, the desktop can be used in small rooms where there is not enough place for a massage chair.

You can find the name Travelmate. The difference between a desktop and a Travelmate is the manufacturer ; travelmate is a registered brand from Earthlite. Therefore a Travelmate is the desktop of Earthlite.

Written on 20/04/2014
by Johan WALTER